The Facts on Vacs

The Facts on Vacs really is about freshness

Tinkering with “modified atmosphere packaging” began over a century ago, but did not come into play till the post WWII era when the plastics industry came into its own.

Today’s vacuum sealed systems were developed from packaging whole turkeys in the 1950’s – the first foray into vacuum packaged perishable foods. The evolution of vacuum sealed foods has grown by leaps and bounds since then, and continues to steadily gain favor with consumers for convenience, economy and taste.

Vacuum Sealed Merits

Why are vacuum sealed meats a great choice to make? Quality. When you buy vacuum sealed steaks, you’re buying a level of quality that many store-bought meats cannot offer.

First, and foremost, it really is about freshness. Vacuum sealing food literally locks in freshness at its origination, preserving natural moisture and taste.  

Second, safety. Once a steak is vacuum sealed and frozen, it is protected from bacterial build up and contamination from subsequent handling and transportation.

Vacuum sealing also prevents freezer burn and browning – what happens to the meat you buy from the grocer’s case as it hits its “use by” date. There’s nothing worse than having to trim off discolored parts of meat in hopes of saving it before it’s too far gone.

Defrosting Vacuum Sealed Steaks

Place your steaks in the fridge for 1-2 days, depending upon the temp you keep your fridge. Pathogens don’t typically grow under 45°; we recommend 35° as the best setting for your fridge. It’s also important to remember, meat is best stored near the back of the refrigerator. Once your steaks are thawed out, you have up to 7 days to use them.

Bonus Tip: You can also speed thaw your steaks. Fill a very large mixing bowl with lukewarm water and place sealed steaks in the bowl. They will defrost within in 3-4 hours. 

Wrap Up

Individually vacuum sealed and frozen meats deliver fresh taste, food safety and longevity. Easy to store, portion and handle, they are a delicious and economical alternative to grocer bought beef.

We highly recommend bringing your steaks to room temp before making them – steaks grill best from room temp. Set them out for 4-5 hours before cooking in their original packaging or out, on a plate. When you’re ready to grill, try following our recipe for making the perfect steak.

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