BEST Steak ever!

BEST Steak ever!

How to cook the perfect steak.

BEST Steak Ever!

What’s the best way to grill the perfect steak? Choose a PRIME grade cut of meat and keep it simple! The best steaks are grilled to perfection with little extra effort involved. Our favorite way to grill them is simple:

SET steaks out on the counter for an hour or so before grilling to come to room temp.

SEASON steaks liberally on each side with Kosher salt and course ground pepper. Add garlic, or any other spice you favor to the mix – if you must.

MELT butter when you’re ready to cook and coat both sides of each steak. Some people prefer using oil, but we’re old school butter all the way.

SEAR the steaks at very high heat 2-3 minutes each side with lid closed, depending on thickness.

REDUCE grill temp low to 300° or so. Continue cooking with lid closed to desired doneness: 3-5 minutes each side for Medium Rare (135° internal temp) or 5-7 minutes each side for Medium (140° internal temp) – anything cooked longer than that is sacrilege!

REST steaks on platter loosely tented with foil for 5 minutes to seal in juices before serving.

Super simple to cook and perfect every time. It’s time to stock up on Little Wolf Prime Grade Strips and Ribeyes!

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