learn • cook • eat

The Little Wolf team brings a long history of hands-on professional meat experience to event settings. We provide custom presentations geared to educate and entertain consumers, corporate clients and private groups.

  • People who attend our events learn about the meat industry, breeding, beef cuts, labeling, packaging, food safety, storage, prep and more. Recipes, raffles, takeaways and tasting included, are always popular crowd pleasers.

    Event hosts that work with us appreciate seamless delivery in a positive learning environment. Presentations can be tailored to include any of the following areas of interest:

  • Ribeyes NY Strips T Bones Filets Ribs Roasts Tenderloins Burgers Pork Budget Cuts Unique Cuts Breeding Meat Grades Butchering Labeling Packaging Food Safety Sous Vide Broilss/Bakes Stovetop Gas Grills Smokers Charcoal Grills Cooking Tools & Accessories Recipes BBQ Tips & Tricks Tastings