Founding Fathers

My grandfather went to the Chicago Stockyard at 3 am every day to buy meat for butchering. Things have certainly changed since then, but the pride and craft for the work remains constant for me.

- Tim Vlcek, Founder Little Wolf Meats

  • Few merchants know the meat business like we do. A hundred years in the making, we are 3rd and 4th generation meat people who respect the art of the cut and live for the juicy taste of a great steak.

    Little Wolf takes great pride in procuring quality beef, working closely with the ranchers we source beef from. Sustainably and humanely raised, our Midwest Bred & Fed beef is selected from the highest quality Black Angus cattle in the American heartland.

    Hand cut and hand trimmed by professional meat cutters, Little Wolf steaks are wet aged for 21 days before they are individually vacuum-sealed for freshness. We work exclusively with USDA Prime and USDA Upper 2/3 Choice premium graded beef.

    Our passion rests in bringing you the very best tasting steak you’ve ever had.