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What is Wangus?

What is WANGUS?

Wangus Beef is the result of decades long research in cattle breeding. Wangus cattle are bred 75% Black Angus with 25% high quality Wagyu. What this one quarter influence has produced is a dramatically different palatable taste, that’s beef luscious and wallet friendly.

One of the biggest complaints about Wagyu Beef (other than price) is the level of buttery richness it delivers – too much. Wagyu is simply too rich for many people’s tastes, so much so, that most people can’t eat an entire Wagyu steak. The Wangus 75/25 mix delivers the perfect solution. Marbling that melts more clearly and tastes buttery without the over-the-top richness.

Wangus Beef also makes the grade. 50-75% of Wangus herds are graded at PRIME. Considering that only 3% of Angus cattle grade at prime levels, the hybrid infusion of Wagyu genetics provides just the right number of differentials necessary to produce highly desirable prime graded beef.

We invite you try our Wangus USDA Prime Burgers, and taste for yourself. Exclusively, sustainably and humanely sourced in Iberia, Missouri.
Wangus steaks are coming soon!